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Thank You for Joining Us in Our 40th Year!

We are grateful to all of you who doubled your impact for animals at the year-end! Thanks to the generosity and dedication of amazing supporters like you, we reached our fundraising goals.

Together, we're creating a kinder world for animals in 2016 -- our 40th anniversary year! We've got big plans lined up including expanding our vegan support resources, increasing online views, and much more!

If you haven't yet seen it, please check out our 2015 Report.

2015 Video Outreach Yields Record Successes

The numbers are in: 2015 was FARM’s biggest year yet for our three 10 Billion Lives Tours and sophisticated online video advertising campaign. Over 170,000 people watched a short video on animal ag with 80% pledging to explore veganism. With our research estimating 13 animals spared per viewer in the first year alone, this effort has likely spared over 2 million land animals (and countless aquatic animals) from being bred, raised and killed for food -- at a cost of under 25 cents per animal saved!

Check out FARM’s Have We Been Lied To? video.

AR2016 Announcement Coming Soon!

We know you've been eagerly awaiting the details of this year's Animal Rights National Conference ... stay tuned because the info is coming soon! AR2016 will be held in Los Angeles this summer, and we'll announce the venue and dates in the coming weeks.

Last year's conference drew 1,650 animal rights activists and other compassionate change-makers from forty-seven U.S. states and twenty-two other countries!


Check out last year's report and stay tuned for AR2016 details.

The Scoop on Danny Trejo's Vegan Tacos

Actor Danny Trejo is blowing up the media with his new vegan-friendly taqueria. His new restaurant — a project he launched with film producer Ash Shah and Jeff Georgino — proudly boasts a vegan-friendly menu. "Here, we wanted to include everybody, so we have a great vegan menu," said Trejo."We try to be as vegan and vegetarian-friendly as possible, considering it's such a big movement now," added Shah. More vegan options is good news for animals!

Check out this and other vegan news on FARM's Facebook page.

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