It's Not Too Late to #FastAgainstSlaughter

World Day for Farmed Animals is quickly approaching on October 2nd! There's still time to join us and 7,000+ others from 67 countries around the world (including Russell Simmons, celebrity chefs, and athletes) for a Fast Against Slaughter in solidarity with billions of victims of the animal agriculture industry.

Looking for other ways to participate? Share one of our powerful images or our educational 10 Billion Lives video with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and make sure to use the hashtags #FastAgainstSlaughter and #WDFA!

Visit to find out about events and more.

Support the Next Phase of Our 10BL Tour!

FARMís life-saving 10 Billion Lives Tour is about to become even more powerful. We are now operating not just one ... not just two ... but THREE TOURS at once. That's right -- we will continue our National Tour in our fully-equipped truck while running an upgraded Southwest Tour and an all-new East Coast Tour!

With your help, we plan to educate 50,000 students this fall about the reality of animal agribusiness and set them on a more compassionate path. These viewers will collectively spare hundreds of thousands of animals from ever being raised, abused, and killed for food.

Please contribute today to support our life-saving tours!

FARM's President Makes a Splash on Reddit

Our President & Co-Founder, Dr. Alex Hershaft, was the top feature on Tuesday’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit. As a Holocaust survivor, Dr. Hershaft answered many intriguing questions, resulting in thoughtful reflections on the way animals are regarded in society.

One Reddit poster responded:

"This comment right here is the first thing that's ever convinced me to try going vegetarian."

Check out Dr. Hershaft's AMA on Reddit

Relive AR2014 Memories

Did you catch the photo galleries from the Animal Rights 2014 National Conference?

If you haven't, feel free to do so and relive the largest AR Conference to date!

Check out the AR2014 Photo Galleries.

Activist Spotlight

Ady Gil is recognized as one of the most influential and generous philanthropists in the animal protection movement today. His funding and support has enabled countless organizations to continue their life-saving work. He is responsible for the new equipment for FARM's 10 Billion Lives Soutwest Tour. His true joy is working directly with needy dogs and cats. Ady lives in Woodland Hills, CA, with his rescued dog, Kayla, and adopted cat, Ozzy.

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About FARM

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is a national non-profit organization working to end the use of animals for food through grass roots activism and public education. We believe in the inherent self-worth of animals, as well as environmental protection and public health.

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