WDFA Mobilizes 12,000+ People in 95 Countries

More than twelve thousand people in 95 countries participated in exposing the abuse and killing of tens of billions of farmed animals worldwide. This was the largest ever observance of World Day for Farmed Animals(WDFA). The occasion, on October 2nd, marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

This year's observance had a three-pronged approach. Our Fast Against Slaughter drew 12,437 participants including Russell Simmons and other celebrities. Our 200 Brochure Challenge resulted in the distribution of 320,000 brochures in a single day. Activists around the world held protests in front of slaughterhouses and animal ag facilities to raise awareness.

Read about the action and view the photos in our WDFA Report.

CAN Offers Easy and Rewarding Activism

FARM's Compassionate Activist Network (CAN) is a growing community of animal activists who are seeking to be most effective. With CAN, activists earn credits for their participation. The credits can then be exchanged for prizes from popular vegan businesses, tools to improve activism, or cash!

Get active by joining CAN today.

Letters from FARM Going Strong

FARM's letters-to-the-editor program has been promoting veganism since 1996 by linking benefits of the lifestyle to current news. Each of our 16 topics per year is published in 50-60 local papers.

The editorial section is the most widely read page after the front page, which means we are likely engaging millions of small-town readers not generally reached by other messages from our movement. Recent letters have addressed global warming, school lunches, water pollution, and the Ebola scare.

Find out more at our Letters from FARM page.

Win for Animals in All-Vegetarian City in India

Last August, 200 Jain monks in India engaged in their own Fast Against Slaughter. The Gujarat government declared Palitana, India a "meat-free zone," making it the first vegetarian city in the world. They instituted a complete ban on the sale of meat and eggs and outlawed the slaughter of animals within the town's limits.

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Meet FARM's Campaigns Manager

Andrea Jacobson joined FARM's Portland office as Campaigns Manager this summer, after relocating from Boston. Having grown up in the Midwest, she witnessed animal agriculture first-hand, before moving towards a vegan diet in college. She brings experience and passion for grassroots campaigns, intersectionality, and community organizing. Andrea is often seen with her spunky canine sidekick, Polly, who enjoys the sweet life of office mascot.

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