Our Mission and Values

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization advocating for the animals through massive public awareness campaigns, innovative grassroots activism, and effective vegan support programs. We believe in the inherent worth of all animals, as well as environmental protection and improved public health.

Our strategies are:

  • to raise public awareness of the tragedy of animal agriculture, primarily by showing graphic footage of animal abuse in factory farms and slaughterhouses
  • to connect appropriate national observances and news developments with the merits of an animal-free diet
  • to tout the merits of a plant-based diet
  • to educate, inspire, and activate people who are concerned about animal abuse, environmental devastation, and threats to public health

In raising public awareness, we target people between the ages of 13 and 25 because they tend to be more sensitive to animal cruelty, more willing and more able to make dietary changes, more likely to share their new lifestyle with friends and relatives, and have the potential for a longer lifespan to devote to saving animals. When we face other audiences, we address special interests and concerns about using animals for food.

We publish letters promoting an animal-free diet to editors of hundreds of newspapers throughout the U.S. New Year's Day, Earth Day, Mother's Day, and Thanksgiving offer writing opportunities. News developments may include any major findings about food, health, violence, pollution, drought, extinction, or the economy.

We offer samples of vegan food products at major public events, support grassroots efforts at the local level, liaison with food manufacturers to introduce new vegan products to market, and encourage food processors to reduce their use of animal ingredients and to use plant-based alternatives.

Since 1981, our national animal rights conferences have grown tenfold; we saw more than 1,650 attendees in 2015, and 2016 was yet another record breaker, at over 1700. This can only mean that concern and awareness regarding animal rights issues are growing.