Month: March 2020

18. Grassroots Activism – Then and Now

Grassroots activism gave birth to the animal rights movement and fostered its growth for the next three decades. Then, its role has greatly diminished. Here, we explore the amazing history and current status of grassroots activism in the animal rights movement. Early History In 1977, four years before our movement’s historic first conference, pioneer grassroots …

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17. The Power of Letters

Letters to the editor are widely read. They are an effective and trusted way of conveying our vegan message to the general public. The opinion page is the second most read section of a newspaper after the front page. Letters to editor pose a challenging opportunity to apply our language and rhetorical skills. Let’s review …

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16. Power of Language & Rhetoric

Language and rhetoric are the fundamental tools of any advocacy. Language refers to our choice of words and expressions. Rhetoric is the art of shaping our message in a persuasive manner. Here is an introduction to how these tools can serve vegan advocacy. Hidden Crimes The animal exploitation industries have long used language to hide …

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