Animal Activism Mentorship

What is AAM? AAM is a free multinational program supporting new and fledgling animal rights activists to reach their full potential. Founded in April of 2020, AAM has provided over 200 customized one-on-one mentorships and over 40 free online educational workshops. Additionally, they have hosted in-person events such as the Week of Action, The Animal Liberation Tour, and the Chicago Convergence.

FARM has been so impressed with AAM and are proud to include them in our “Fueled by FARM” initiative. This unique mentorship program allows FARM to be part of more “boots on the ground” activism that has been a part of our history.

AAM aims to be a gateway to activism for animals, to help activists be more effective, and to build a diverse community of like-minded people. AAM empowers each person to become a hub that can help activists find ways to get involved in their local area, a support system that can help them apply their unique skills to the movement, and the launching pad that so many activists have been searching for.

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