New Year’s Day is the time we reflect on the past year. 

The people we shared it with, the events we attended (or, weren’t able to attend), the relationships we created, maybe even reflected on our careers.
It is also a great time to reflect on our choices and how they inevitably create our results.
Usually, the results come a bit later, after our choices have been made so sometimes it is hard to understand how these two correlate. 
Some say the definition of Insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result? I think we can all agree that change requires change.

In order for things to change we must change first.

What do you want to change in your life? Possibly your health, your job, your relationships.  Or maybe you have been thinking about how your actions don’t really align with your beliefs. Here at FARM we are all animal lovers. To us this means that we love all animals which includes not eating them, wearing them, or exploiting them.

Would you consider making a few changes in your diet as a New Year’s Resolution to maybe help save a few animals and see how it feels?

  • Did you know you could literally save the lives of about 95 farm animals every year by switching to a plant-based diet?
  • Did you also know that whole-food vegan diets are generally higher in certain nutrients?
  • Did you know that you could potentially lose excess weight if you just switched to a plant-based diet?
  • Did you know that eating plant-based could also lower your blood sugar levels and improve your kidney function?
  • Did you know that switching to a plant-based diet could protect you from certain cancers?
  • Did you know that eating a predominantly plant-based diet is scientifically linked to a lower heart disease rate?
  • Did you know that sticking to a plant-based diet could considerably reduce chronic pain associated with arthritis and neuropathy?
  • Did you also know that farm animals used for food, fashion, entertainment and research deserve to live happy and healthy lives.  No one deserves to be tortured and murdered against their will.


~ The Farm Team

FARM maintains several websites promoting an ethical vegan lifestyle and vegan diet: