It’s not an exaggeration to say that so far this year FARM has reached millions worldwide with a message of compassion. Between the hundreds of headlines around the world related to MeatOut and our own EdLetters program, two words come to mind: mission accomplished.

Did you know your ongoing support makes our life-saving work possible?


When we set out to plan MeatOut 2021, little did we know what would unfold. In early February a new logo was created, a new website was launched, events were listed, and proclamation requests were sent.

Then overnight everything changed.

On February 22nd, the Governor of Colorado proclaimed March 20th “MeatOut Day” across the state. The cattlemen and ranchers had a cow. This one-day pledge to try vegan launched a counter-campaign across the west that included Nebraska, Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma and more; all who pushed against MeatOut, deciding, instead, to launch a “MeatIn.”  This one action led to hundreds of headlines around the world all furthering the conversation about kicking the meat habit. Other animal rights organizations also took notice and helped to promote MeatOut. In all, the FARM team took MeatOut to the next level on a four-week wild ride which included taking it to the streets of Washington DC with posters, postcards, and Primal vegan jerky.

At the beginning of the year our “Celebrating Heroes in the Animal Rights Movement” (CHARM) micro-program rolled out. We’ve profiled vegans in love, compassion in the classrooms, hard-hitting animal rights activism, and vegan food. In all, nearly 3,000 people have read these monthly stories of people and organizations, standing up for animals.

Soon after, we introduced a petition asking Food Network to launch a vegan cooking show. Within weeks, more than 15,000 people signed and shared the petition which we’ve since taken to Food Network’s New York City headquarters. The petition also captured the attention of Animal Time Productions who is producing a film entitled The Perfect Hunt – a vegan documentary about reinventing family traditions which will launch a new vegan cooking/lifestyle TV series, Cook Vegan for Me. Animal Time Productions has chosen FARM as a series producer, vegan food consultant, and benefactor.

Then, just this month we held a Mother’s Day Ditch Dairy campaign, in conjunction with Eclipse Foods, reminding people that baby cows are torn from their grieving mothers after birth so their milk can be stolen for human consumption. It’s your support that makes it possible to reach so many with a message of compassion.

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I’m coming to you today to ask you to give during our spring campaign. Your generosity makes our life-saving work possible. Whether you choose a one-time gift or decide to set up an automatic monthly donation, know that your money goes directly to our programs.

Looking ahead, we’re launching our AskVeli / video search engine, going live with a new Vegan Commons resource center, trialling Vegan Vision on social media, and rounding out this fall with World Day for Farmed Animals (which is right where I started when I accepted the Executive Director position).

I’m humbled by your support and look forward to furthering our mission: standing up for animals.      

All my best,
Eric C Lindstrom
Executive Director

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