24. Our Conferences Shape Our Movement

Conferences have proven to be the most effective vehicle for forming, shaping, and nurturing our movement. They offer documentation of animal abuses, activist training, and lots of inspiration and networking opportunities. They have been a boon to our movement. How It All Began The conference that laid the foundation for our movement was actually not …

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22. On Leading and Managing

Traditionally, leaders who launch organizations in our movement end up managing them. Yet, leaders and managers are very different people? What can be done to improve our movement’s leadership and management skills? Leading vs. Managing Contrary to popular opinion, leaders and managers are different people built of different stock. The key traits of leaders and …

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21. Getting Things Done

How do we get started with saving animals? How do we free up more time and deal with multiple priorities, adversities, and burnout? And how do we recognize success? Here is a concise guide to getting things done for the animals. Getting Organized If we are launching a brand new initiative, we need to define …

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