Animal Rights

23. What Brought Us Together

At what point does a vision induce people to act on it? At what point do individual actions become a movement? And, what is the role of publications, conferences, trigger events, and public perception? Let’s take a look at our own history. The Vision The original notion that animals should be endowed with their own …

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20. Growing Our Activism

Are we really in charge of our lives, or a mere product of circumstances? Why can’t we be like some of the outstanding activists in our midst? Is it just a matter of getting rid of the fears that hold us back? And, how do we know when have we done enough? Let’s explore this …

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18. Grassroots Activism – Then and Now

Grassroots activism gave birth to the animal rights movement and fostered its growth for the next three decades. Then, its role has greatly diminished. Here, we explore the amazing history and current status of grassroots activism in the animal rights movement. Early History In 1977, four years before our movement’s historic first conference, pioneer grassroots …

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