20. Growing Our Activism

Are we really in charge of our lives, or a mere product of circumstances? Why can’t we be like some of the outstanding activists in our midst? Is it just a matter of getting rid of the fears that hold us back? And, how do we know when have we done enough? Let’s explore this …

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13. Why We Oppress? Why Animals?

Just a few days from now, on January 27th, the world will observe International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The date marks 75 years since liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Hitler’s most notorious death camp. It’s an appropriate opportunity to question why we oppress and why animals. Why We Oppress? Oppression may be defined as the denial of another …

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01. To the Animals, All People Are Nazis

On this very day, 80 years ago, the Nazi armies invaded Poland, and launched World War II. I was five years old. Within a year, we and 400,000 other Jews in Warsaw and surrounding areas were forced to move into the Jewish section of Warsaw. The area was then walled off and became the Warsaw …

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