Plant-Based Food Products

19. The Enigma of Choice

Is our diet an option or a decision? Are our choices based on a rational process, social norms, or chance circumstances? Who makes our choices? And how do we affect them? Exploring these questions is essential to successful vegan advocacy. What Is Choice The word choice has two meanings: option, as in “my supermarket has …

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12. An AR Blueprint For the ’20s

Social movements, like all living and prospering entities, must evolve and grow, else they wither and die. In the next decade, our movement will face massive challenges with direct consequences for the lives and deaths of billions of innocent sentient beings. Let’s explore the options. One Vision – Multiple Paths Although we may all share …

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10. Animal Rights or Animal Lives?

I have been championing animal rights since organizing the first national animal rights conference in 1981. But how do I explain this concept to my neighbor? And how about the social contract? Is animal rights about them or about us? And what about saving animal lives?  A Bit of History In 1965, British novelist, playwright, …

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