Social Change

19. The Enigma of Choice

Is our diet an option or a decision? Are our choices based on a rational process, social norms, or chance circumstances? Who makes our choices? And how do we affect them? Exploring these questions is essential to successful vegan advocacy. What Is Choice The word choice has two meanings: option, as in “my supermarket has …

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18. Grassroots Activism – Then and Now

Grassroots activism gave birth to the animal rights movement and fostered its growth for the next three decades. Then, its role has greatly diminished. Here, we explore the amazing history and current status of grassroots activism in the animal rights movement. Early History In 1977, four years before our movement’s historic first conference, pioneer grassroots …

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14. Vegan World & Social Change

Human behavior, including what we eat, is dictated by our community’s powerful social norms. These norms are shaped by our collective needs, desires, and morals, but also by powerful commercial interests, public officials, and other opinion leaders. Getting our society to embrace a vegan lifestyle requires an understanding of the challenging process of social change. …

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