FARM took to the streets of Glasgow at COP26

In early November 2021, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) sent 11-year-old Vegan Evan to COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland to speak out for climate justice on behalf of the world’s youth; and the animals. Evan (and his entourage) spent a full week handing out leaflets and holding up banners reminding the Summit attendees, and delegates, that animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. Although most have spoken about climate change, both within the summit and outside at protests, the conversation about industrial agriculture‘s contribution has been skipped over and Vegan Evan filled that void (even making international news during his visit).

Evan, who last year gained notoriety when he offered former President Trump one million dollars to go vegan through the Million Dollar Vegan program and appeared in a full-page ad in the New York Times, has been speaking out for climate justice, and the animals, on America’s streets and public forums since the age of five. He has also produced and appeared in a number of videos and serves as president of Animal Hero Kids, an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization with a message of “being kind to all kinds.”

Watch this YouTube video of Vegan Evan asking Greta Thunberg why animal agriculture was left out of her COP26 speech.


FARM maintains several websites promoting an ethical vegan lifestyle and vegan diet: