Eric C Lindstrom, Executive Director


Curriculum Vitae: 

In his role as Executive Director, Lindstrom manages FARM’s personnel, fundraising, coordinating partner networks, budgeting, and operations.

After founding a New York-based vegan/socially-conscious advertising and marketing firm, Lindstrom officially started his career in the animal rights movement as the Program Director for Farm Animal Rights Movement (2016-2018) and then served as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) where he led the team toward a successful rebranding of the decades-old organization.

Residing in Ithaca, NY, Lindstrom penned two best-selling books on veganism, The Skeptical Vegan and Raising Vegan Kids (Skyhorse Publishing) and produced two YouTube channels promoting veganism.

Speaking engagements/appearances:

Over the years, Lindstrom has taken the stage as a featured speaker, live auctioneer, facilitator, and panelist at numerous vegan and animal rights events including:

  • Albany Vegfest (Albany, NY)
  • Animal Rights National Conference (Los Angeles and Washington DC)
  • AVA Summit (Washington DC)
  • Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY)
  • Capital Region VegFest (Albany, NY)
  • Cornell Vegan Society (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
  • Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY)
  • New England VegFest (Wooster, MA)
  • Planet Bethesda Food Festival (Bethesda, MD)
  • Rochester Area Vegan Society (RAVS) 
  • Syracuse Living Vegan Program (Syracuse, NY)
  • Syracuse Vegfest (Syracuse, NY)

Sample talks/presentations:

Presentation: You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Growing up in an all-female Italian household, Eric was nourished to obesity on meat and dairy. Decades later, overnight, Lindstrom became a vegan—on a bet. A bet he still refuses to lose ten years later. This simple change in diet and lifestyle led to a popular blog that led to two book deals, two YouTube shows and, ultimately, a career in animal rights. Eric’s talk inspires anyone, at any age, to make the change to vegan—for human health, the planet, and the animals. (45 min.)

Presentation: You Can Be a Mentor to Inspire Change
While living on Cornell campus, Eric was provided a unique opportunity to mentor five Cornell undergrads as they challenged each other to go vegan. From changes in the dining halls to coordinating guest lecturers, these students, who all came from different backgrounds, were supported by Eric as they navigated their vegan futures. (45 min.)

Presentation: Print Isn’t Dead When it Comes to Activism
With more than 30 years experience in publishing and marketing, Eric leads this session reminding activists, at all levels, that print isn’t dead. From tabling to demonstrations and protests, leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, and more print plays an important role in educating about veganism and animal rights. Learn how to produce effective handouts and leave inspired to take to the streets (or the mail) with your new marketing materials. (45 min.)

Social media channels:

Lindstrom has a strong and dedicated social media following based on his original blog and books. With more than 40,000 followers across all the popular social media platforms, Lindstrom inspires and educates pre-vegans about going vegan at any stage in their lives.

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To book Eric C Lindstrom for your vegan or animal rights event or conference, please email [email protected].

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