A Message from FARM's Executive Director

Dear Friend of FARM,

What are the ways we can use our agency for social transformation?

Since 1976, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) has focused on animal rights advocacy at the center of everything we do. FARM was born when founder, Dr. Alex Hershaft, who began retirement at the beginning of 2018, made the connection from human oppression (as a Holocaust survivor) to animal oppression (slaughterhouses). This intersectional principle, where we understand that all forms of oppression are interconnected, is a foundational aspect of FARM’s commitment to end the use of animals for food.

On August 2, 2020, I started my new role as Executive Director of FARM where I am personally responsible for every aspect of our work. From programs to outreach to fundraising and everything in between. I took on this role with an action plan that ushers FARM into the future. An action plan that embraces change, diversity, intersectionality – all for the animals.

What are some of these plans for FARM moving forward? In addition to expanding FARM’s existing programming, we’re rolling out a unique vegan video website that makes it easy for activists and educators to find what they need to promote their animal rights message. We’ll introduce a phased re-marketing social media video program that takes the viewer through the steps toward a more compassionate life by building on the message of each video before it. Plans are underway to strengthen our partnerships with vegan brands, celebrities, and influencers (including a new partnership with Bite Size Vegan). We’ll build a series of change.org campaigns that will make change happen. And we’ll publish a handbook for young people to give to their parents that declares, “I want to go vegan.” All for the animals.

There’s a lot of work to be done at FARM and I couldn’t do this work without your support. If there is ever anything at all you want to discuss about FARM, our programming, our outreach, the Animal Rights National Conference, or just share a vegan recipe, please feel free to email me at the address below.

Standing Up for Animals,

Eric C Lindstrom, Executive Director


PS – To support all of what FARM does, please visit dayforanimals.com.

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Standing up for the animals