A (FREE) Three Part Series with ARFF's James Wildman

James Wildman has been sharing his gift for over 20 years. With a Master’s Degree in Humane Education, he joined the
Animal Rights Foundation of Florida in 2007.  As the organization’s Humane Educator, James has given over 7,000 live presentations to over 140,000 people, empowering youth and adults to live a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle. In 2017, James was featured in the documentary Food ReLOVution. His presentations have been viewed over 43 million times worldwide. This LIVE three part series is your opportunity to interact with him.

FARM invites you to this FREE event series

Sunday, October 3 at 8 PM EST
101 Reasons to Go Vegan

A humorous and honest look at diet & culture that highlights the benefits of a plant-based diet for the welfare of animals, our health, and the environment. This presentation looks at the consequences of raising animals for food and how eating green can promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This is the perfect event to share with your favorite non-vegan friend or family member.

Sunday, October 10 at 8 PM EST
Wildlife – Animals in Captivity

James looks at the relationship between humans and wild animals and the environments we share. The presentation uses a variety of activities to get people to think critically about animals living in captivity and how we can better protect wild animals and their natural habitats.

Sunday, October 17 at 8 PM EST
Confessions of a Humane Educator: 101 Ways to Get Into Schools and Give an Effective Presentation

James Wildman will discuss his 15 years of experience as a Humane Educator, offering tips on how to give an effective presentation and the best strategies to get into schools and universities. James will discuss the presentation designs and activities that have worked best in the classroom and for those outside of a school setting, hoping to inspire others to bring animal rights into the classroom and beyond.

Never know how to respond to all the challenging comments from non-vegans?

This is the perfect time to invite your non-vegan friends, family members and co-workers.

“I just wanted to let you know that I saw your video ‘101 Reasons to Go Vegan’ a year ago today and I haven’t touched an animal product since. I’ve also used your video to convince five of my friends to become vegan and they are all doing great. One of them even manages a restaurant and has been able to add a lot more vegan items to the menu. Your video was without a doubt the most life changing thing I’ve ever seen and I really just want to thank you and say keep up the good work.”
– July 6, 2017
“It has now been almost a year since I first put the Turkish translated video on my YouTube channel and it has since been watched by over 350,000 people. I receive messages almost everyday from Turkish speaking people informing me that after they watched your lecture they went vegan.”
– January 9, 2014
“I just wanted to give you a huge standing ovation for your phenomenal presentation. Really the best, most succinct, entertaining, and uplifting presentation on the subject of choosing to be vegan which I have seen.”
– April 22, 2013

FARM reserves the right to change or modify this event at any time. All participants will be notified of such changes. Recordings of each webinar can be made available upon request following the event.

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