The Interconnected Monthly Support Group

Due to the overwhelming response to our August 29th Interconnected event featuring April Lang, FARM is offering to you a monthly support group starting on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. These exclusive online sessions, facilitated by April, are limited to the first 15 people who register.

This animal advocate support group is for anyone who cares about non-human animals and is struggling living in a world of institutionalized animal abuse.  Whether your issues are with your family, friends, co-workers, or just the world in general, this group will provide you with a safe space to discuss your challenges.” April Lang, LCSW SEP | Facilitator

Are you someone who wants to take your animal advocacy to the next level?
Click below to register for this October 5th (8:00-9:00 PM ET) Zoom event.

Due to the small nature of this group each spot is very valuable. 
The 1st session of our Interconnected Monthly Support Group has been filled. Please check back with us in October for information on our upcoming November group. ~ Thank you

I want to thank FARM for sponsoring April Lang’s organized, informative seminar on August 29. When the link is available to share, I plan to share it.  I’ve attended a lot of Zoom seminars, but I would rate April’s seminar at the top! 
~ Jackie B.
I loved the webinar. I found the breathing exercises to be very helpful. Thank you FARM. 
~James K.
April Lang is very sweet. I appreciated her compassion for everyone’s opinion and thought she was a very good speaker.
~ Randy J.
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Meet April Lang:

April Lang, LCSW, SEP is a psychotherapist who has been in private practice for over twenty years. She is devoted to working with ethical vegans, animal advocates, and people who are suffering from the loss of their animal family members. 

A published author, humane educator, and animal advocate, April has written articles for a variety of magazines including Oracle, New Spirit Journal, American Vegan, and Social Work Today. She also wrote a column called, The Relational Vegan for the online magazine, LA Fashionista Compassionista, and is the published author of the book, Animal Persuasion: a guide for ethical vegans and animal advocates in managing life’s emotional challenges.

Animal Persuasion: A guide for ethical vegans and animal advocates in managing life’s emotional challenges

Animals need your voice to be heard. It is a compassionate and courageous act to stand up for animals in an uncaring global atmosphere. It can also take a toll on your psyche. April Lang presents some potentially challenging situations that vegans and animal activists may encounter in their personal lives at family gatherings, with their romantic partners, and with their children. She goes on to provide insight into coping with the thoughts and feelings that may arise from advocating and caring for animals.

April Lang, LCSW, SEP, gives you sound strategies designed to help you more effectively manage these emotions.

Throughout the book, you’ll also be reading the true stories of ethical vegans and animal advocates, both their challenges and successes. Purchase online at Barnes & Noble.

You can learn more about April Lang by visiting her website,

FARM reserves the right to change or modify this event at any time. All participants will be notified of such changes. The monthly sessions are limited to 15 attendees.

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) maintains several websites promoting an ethical vegan lifestyle and vegan eating:

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