We’ve all heard it!

Where DO We Get Our Protein?
Fitness Expert, Vegan Chef, and Entrepreneur Erin DeMarines Provides the Answers

Wednesday April 20th at 7:00 PM Eastern Time

Erin will offer insightful and practical answers to:

  • Based on our lifestyle, how much protein do we really need?
  • Where does our protein come from?
  • What sources of protein are best?
  • What are the best ways to prepare them?
  • … and more!

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Meet Erin

Entrepreneur, fitness expert, and vegan chef, Erin has launched her own company, e Fit Foods, producing her own proprietary plant-based energy bars, 3BAR, and other plant protein-powered snacks.

Erin’s passion for athleticism began at age four when she began running with her father. This later turned into a lifelong passion. She then moved into triathlons, competitions, and her future career, training.

With her passion for food and fitness, Erin devoted herself to the education and creation of efficient and delicious plant-powered recipes. Certified in nutrition, sports nutrition, and personal training, Erin dedicates one-on-one time with each of her clients developing personalized programs that encompass plant-powered, nutrient-dense, creative recipes that are specifically tailored for each individual.

Currently, Erin is working with Tampa Bay chefs to create recipes for their restaurants to become more inclusive of plant-based dishes. She is also authoring a cookbook and expanding her business, E Fit Foods, Inc., with new and exciting plant-powered snacks.

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