Did You Miss a Live Event?

To educate, inspire, and support our mission, FARM continuously produces a variety of live virtual events featuring experts in a diverse range of fields. If you missed any of our live virtual events, recordings of each are below (click EVENTS under “What We Do” to browse future events.

DIY Ways to Design a Chemical & Cruelty-Free Home with America’s #1 Vegan Interior Designer Deborah DiMare

The Politics of Animal Rights with The Honorable Emma Hurst MLC.

The Skeptical Vegan Eric C Lindstrom talks Going Vegan

Confessions of a Humane Educator: 101 Ways to Give Effective Presentations with James Wildman

Wildlife Animals in Captivity with James Wildman

101 Reasons to Go Vegan with James Wildman

The Top 5 Cooking Methods Every Vegan Needs to Know with The Land of Kush

Let Fancy Food Be Thy Medicine with Chef Suzi Gerber

Where DO We Get Our Protein? with Erin DeMarines

The 10 Golden Rules to Total Wellness with Ana Quiroga

Interconnected: Their Welfare Depends on Ours, Don’t Forgo Self-Care with April Lang

Let’s Beat Cancer with ‘Game Changers’ Executive Producer Gwyn Whittaker

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