What We Do?

  • Each year since the turn of this century, we have produced the Animal Rights National Conference, to train animal rights activists, and inspire newcomers to our movement
  • Our The Vegan Blog offers semi-monthly commentary on the history and likely future of the animal rights movement
  • Our monthly letters to the editors, promoting veganism and animal rights, appear in hundreds of S. newspapers
  • We have launched a pilot project for finding videos promoting the vegan lifestyle that are appropriate for specific occasions
  • Each year, on April 22nd, we call on grassroots activists to distribute Vegan Earth Day handouts at local Earth Day events
  • On October 2nd (Gandhi’s birthday), we call on grassroots activists to organize local observances of World Day for Farmed Animals
  • We developed a website discouraging the use of animal dairy products (ditchdairy.com)
  • And another, noting the oppressive analogy between the Holocaust and animal slaughter (never-again.org)


  • In 1985, we launched The Great American Meatout, a national campaign to reduce the use of animals for food
  • Between 2011 and 2018, we had two vans visiting college campuses to screen our 10 Bilion Lives video and solicit vegan pledges

We maintain several public information websites promoting vegan eating