Celebrating Heroes in the Animal Rights Movement

Thank You!

I have spent an entire year searching for “heroes.” 

Authors, filmmakers, CEOs, activists, vegan matchmakers, vegan food trail-blazers, sanctuaries, humane educators, and others.

When FARM’s new Executive Director, Eric Lindstrom came on board just 17 months ago, he was intent on adding fresh and interesting programs to the organization’s roster. In addition to the many programs that FARM is known for, Eric has been at the helm of expanding its efforts even further. 

One of those new programs is Celebrating Heroes in the Animal Rights Movement (CHARM).

We launched CHARM in January of 2021. Since then, with the help of the entire FARM team, over 10,000 of you have enjoyed our monthly articles.

Meeting many new wonderful people and writing about them has been a labor of love, a learning experience, and a trying task indeed. All of which I am very proud of.

Going into our second year, we have many exciting subjects on the horizon. I am grateful for those who have already allowed me to peek into their lives. There have already been many compelling stories that have offered great inspiration to CHARM’s thousands of wonderful readers. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, the readers. The ones we do this for.

The holidays are especially difficult for those of us who have chosen to live an ethical life.

We all experience, in one way or another, the inevitable pressure from friends and family members around the holiday table, at gatherings, the company party, and even in our own home.

“You don’t eat meat?” or “Where do you get your protein?” Even the occasional “what do you eat?”

How, at this time, could they possibly not know this is the only lifestyle that will save the animals, the planet, and ourselves.

We constantly hear from non-vegans that vegans are obsessed with their food.

My experience has been that it is they who are obsessed with our food. 

Could it be that the measuring stick they use to avow their beliefs, somehow falls short when compared to ours? This I do not know.

I do know that when I am in the company of non-vegans, I am nothing but proud. I know that despite what is said or from whom, I am living a right life.

I know that I can look into the eyes of an animal with a clear mind and heart.

That we are connected in so many ways to our brothers and sisters, no matter the species.

Perhaps it is a disconnect or maybe a denial that they are an intricate part of something bigger than themselves.

What I do know, is after a year of seeking and celebrating heroes in the movement, I realized every one of you is a true hero.

Some career activists. Some spend all their free time fighting for animals. Some are medical professionals…and even still some speak their truth with dollars spent. 

So as you walk into your holiday celebrations, hold your head high…and be proud.

You are all heroes!


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Celebrating Heroes in the Animal Rights Movement (CHARM) is a micro-program of Farm Animal Rights Movement FARM.
Do you know an ethical vegan who practices an abolitionist approach to animal exploitation, still active in the movement, has an interesting story to tell and is an unsung hero to animals and their vegan community?  We would like to hear about them.
 Suggest a candidate for a future CHARM feature below.

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