Eric C. Lindstrom

In his role as Executive Director, Lindstrom manages the 501(c)3's programs, personnel, budget, and operations.

After founding a successful vegan advertising and marketing firm, Lindstrom officially starting his career in the animal rights movement as the Program Director for Farm Animal Rights Movement (2016-2018) and then served as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing).

Lindstrom penned two best-selling books on veganism, The Skeptical Vegan and Raising Vegan Kids (Skyhorse Publishing) and resides in Ithaca, New York.

Addison K. Lantz

As FARM’s Program Director, Addison (they/she), handles everything from volunteer outreach and coordination, to content creation, event planning, and more. Addison followed her passion to the PETA Foundation (2017-2021), where she served as Senior Paralegal. There she learned about the world of vegan nonprofits, businesses, protesting, promoting, and living vegan in all aspects of life. One of their contributions during this time was coordinating with local vegan businesses in 2020 to provide free food during the Black Lives Matter marches and protests in DC. Addison is passionate about growing the vegan movement through radical kindness, empowerment, and solidarity.

Ally Hinton

Ally Hinton is the Marketing Director for FARM. She has been working in digital marketing and video production for over a decade. Prior to working at FARM she worked as the Head of Digital Marketing for Rethink Homelessness promoting compassion and human rights for the community.

One of her projects, Cardboard Stories: Homeless In Orlando went viral in 2015 gaining national & international attention. Ally is passionate about marketing for non-profits and for animal rights.

She has worked to promote animal welfare and human rights for many years and resides in Florida.

Lisa DeCrescente​

As Director of Special Events and Projects, Lisa oversees FARM's special events including festivals and other large gatherings. In 2022 Lisa created Planet Bethesda; the organization's response to the live event shutdown caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Coming from a strong food-related background, Lisa has been a caterer, owner, Executive Chef, and event producer in the restaurant, arts, and club industry in the Tri-State area for over 20 years. Becoming vegan in 2000, her relationship with animal rights began when she volunteered with several rescue organizations, finding forever homes for animals in need. In 2001, determined to get even more involved, she teamed up with Mary Max, Linda Nealon, and Eilene Cohhn at the launch event for Humane USA in NYC, a political action committee for animal rights. In addition to working with numerous restaurants on the inclusion of vegan options, she has “veganized” over 200 recipes. Lisa is committed to the mission of the movement and aspires to create more events and campaigns that spread its message and inspire change outside of its community.

Shemirah Brachah

Shemirah has worked with FARM as a Program and EdLetter Coordinator on and off since 2005. Over the years, she has worked on many FARM campaigns, including MeatOut, MeatOut Mondays e-newsletter, World Day for Farmed Animals, the Sabina Fund, outdoor advertising and bus cards, Letters from FARM, and of course, working with vegan food manufacturers to showcase products for plant-based promotions and during the snack events at the Animal Rights National Conference. Shemirah also worked as FARM's Office Manager before moving to Colorado where she resides with her extended family. She has returned to FARM, managing the EdLetters program and assisting where needed and continuing to coordinate vegan and plant-based food partnerships.


The mission of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is to end the use of animals for food through traditional media, social media, and video outreach.

The mission of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is to end the use of animals for food through traditional media, social media, and video outreach.”

The mission of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is to end the use of animals for food through traditional media, social media, and video outreach.”

The FARM Board of Directors (as of March 2022)

Jeffrey Cohan – Executive Director, Jewish Veg 
Lucille Wheeler Goodrum Design Attorney, former FARM staff member
Jim Mason Attorney, author Animal Factories 
Alex Hershaft – Founding President, FARM